Dell Technologies Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Program

The Dell Technologies Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing competition is an industry award winning platform to share your expertise, unique deployments, best practices or any other relevant topic of interest. Still not sure what to write about? Looking for ideas? Why not check out our library and flip through some of the published articles from previous years.

Dell Technologies Certified Master - Enterprise Architect Program

The Dell Technologies Certified Master- Enterprise Architect program validates the master skillset of designing efficient and secure ITaaS solutions aligned with strategic business goals. Think you have what it takes to be a Master?  Want more information?  Visit our DECM-EA Website for full program details and information on the path to obtaining this elite certification.

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Requirements to submit:

  • Background should reflect 10-15 years experience as an Enterprise Architect (recommended)
  • Candidate must have knowledge of Dell Technologies infrastructure solutions (required)
  • Confirmation of payment of initial submission fee (required)
  • All candidates must hold one or more of the following Technical Certifications (required) for application consideration:

  • Candidates should also hold one of the following ITSM Process Certifications (recommended) at the time of submission:
  • ITIL

Application Checklist - All of the following must be included for your submission to be considered complete:  

  • A project reference name and contact information  
  • Three (3) complete project documentation files. A complete file is a PDF file which consists of an executive summary or customer facing presentation describing the complete enterprise architecture project and supporting documentation files in a single PDF file per project  
  • The Application Project Details PDF must be uploaded with your application in Submittable.  
  • A signed candidate agreement (this will be provided via the link above)  
  • Verification of certification(s) as described below. Candidates must provide (in the submission tool and CertTracker) either a certification digital badge link or upload an eCertificate image for each pre-requisite certification held.  
  • At least one of your projects must contain Dell Technologies solutions components. This project will also be the one you are presenting to the Board should you pass the initial submission.  
  • You will use Project 1 from your initial submission that contains Dell Technologies product and solutions for your Board Review. Please ensure that project meets all of the requirements for the Initial Submission and the Board Review listed in the Initial Submission Project Requirements section in the Submission and Board Review Program Guide. 

As there is no way to know if all of the required supporting documentation has been included to allow for a thorough and clear analysis of the submitted design, it will be assumed that whatever supporting documents have been included in the project PDF file constitute a complete set of supporting documents. If the application packet is found to be missing a component, other than supporting documentation addressed above, the candidate will be notified and have two full business days to submit the file(s). If the application remains incomplete, the application will be rejected and no refund of the application fee will be given. No review will begin until the fee is paid and the application is considered complete.

All of the Intial Application and Board Review details can be found on our webpage. Please review the DECM-EA Submission and Board Review Program Guide for Candidates document fully and carefully before submitting. 

Additional requirements to obtain credential:
All candidates must have or obtain the following certifications within one year to be eligible to obtain the credential:

We will handle your personal data as described in the Dell Technologies Privacy Statement 

Welcome to the 14th annual Dell Technologies Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Competition! 

The Knowledge Sharing Program is a platform for certified professionals to share their expertise, unique deployments or best practices through a written or video submission.

Submissions are reviewed in 2 phases:

  1. submission of a short abstract which briefly outlines the intended topic, and 
  2. the article phase where topic knowledge is shared through video or a written paper

Submissions chosen for publication in our Knowledge Sharing Program Library reap the rewards and industry recognition that comes with being published. Submissions chosen as a finalist, become eligible for a free pass to Dell Technologies World and cash prizes.

You have the knowledge. Share it and get recognized!

Abstract deadline is November 19th. NOW EXTENDED! Final deadline is 8am Eastern Time, December 2nd. Don't delay!

 We will handle your personal data as described in the Dell Technologies Privacy Statement 

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